Toddler death accused ” encouraged abuse”

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According to Australian news a Queensland toddler name Mason Jet Lee who is 21 month old , was died because of physical health issue.

The cause of death is intestinal infection by a blow to his abdomen. The poor boy got vomiting for few day without medical treatment.

A teenager call Ryan Robert Barry Hodson , ¬†mother’s boy ( Ann Maree Lee) and her partner ( William O’Sullivan) ¬†who face by manslaughter.

The boy mother explain that her partner who date to her from 2015, can not stand the crying baby . That is why they live another place with her other children.

The police found out some evidences from the house camera such as the audio which improve Mr Hodson call Mason like a ” dog”

According to the affidavit , the day of Mason death, Hodson girlfriend come and feel uncomfortable with crying baby and they decided let the boy alone. They also said some bad words.

The boy was death by the singlet covered his face when the police come in the scene in the next day.